POINT BREAK GAMING is thrilled to announce that we are entering the Apex Legends competitive circuit, so join us in welcoming the newest team of the PBG family.

  You will be able to see the team in action nearing the end of Season one.  As we move in to season two, majority of the ground work will be finished for the organization. Including the website, discord and systems. As season two rolls around we want to have multiple tournament wins under our belt, and to professionalize our team.

  Founded in March 2019, Point Break Gaming has grown to become a very close community.  With championship tier squads soon competing in tournaments worldwide. And also creating a great community around Apex Legends. Unmatched viewership hours, Point Break Gaming soon aspires to pride itself on being the best in all categories.

  We’re excited to see what players with extensive experience can bring to Point Break Gaming, so join us in welcoming everyone to the new gaming community!

Long Term Vision

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